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A persona created though all visual assets combined.

What is a "visual identity"?

Something every business needs, and yet many aren't clear on what it means. Let's go over some industry terms and then get into my process and how we are going to assess and cultivate the identity that is right for you.



The act of uncovering and connecting with audiences to buy into your services via strategic language, placement, timing and presentation. It encompasses methods of outreach based on current objectives and market trends and efforts to reach new consumers.

(ads, posting on social media, sending an e-newsletter)



A symbol or mark that identifies a brand, it creates recognition in the viewer of all other references they have around this entity - aka reminds them of the brand as a whole.

(single or small set or graphics)



The process of shaping how a product or business is perceived by those who experience it—including customers, investors, employees, the media, and more. It is a combination of internal and external, strategic and creative decisions to create an effective presentation of the business as an entity.

(mission, positioning, voice, personality, vision, logo, typography, icons, etc.)


Visual Identity:

The parts of branding that people see and that collectively paint the picture of who the business is. It includes all the visual aspects of branding, the logo being just one piece. As a system this is an effective toolkit to create all marketing materials for a business.

(logo, typography, icons, color palette, photographic or illustrative style, patterns)

"Just a logo" is a small part of the picture, and you are doing yourself a disservice to not take into account the strategy behind this part of your business.

Key take-away: 

Wondering how it works?

  • Deliverables are set based on each clients needs, but may include:

    • Brand Archetype Profile

    • Mission, Vision + Values

    • Target Audience 

    • Competitor Analysis

    • Strengths + Weaknesses Assessment

    • Creative Direction

    • Brand Guide PDF

    • Logo, Wordmark + Icon

    • Color + Type Styles

    • Patterns + Textures 

    • Icons, Illustrations + Graphics

    • Photographic Style

    • Application Samples

    A fully developed and researched brand identity looks different for every business. By customizing this service to your needs, budget and timeline I ensure you have the tools to take your business to the next level NOW.​

  • Steps:

    • Free Consultation

    • Discovery Questionnaire

    • Scope of Work Proposal

    • Design + Revision Phases 

    • Delivery of Assets

    • Feedback + Reflection

    Timeline, rounds of revisions, and deliverables will vary based on your objectives and business needs, however I find this collaborative framework to be the ideal foundation to work from.

Curious if your business would be a good fit?

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