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Clover Luck Stables

Equestrian Riding Stable

Logo + Identity Development  |  Website Design  |  Photography

Having a clean, cohesive, and comprehensive website sets our business apart, and makes an impact on potential clients wishing to learn more about our business. We frequently get comments on the beautiful photography, accessible layout, and clean look. Since our business is also operating out of our home, it is important that we are attracting the right type of clientele, and the clarity of our website ensures that we are gaining customers whose values align with ours."

- Stephanie W.

Owner of Clover Luck Stables

A Growing Equestrian Program

After renting space from several barns, Clover Luck Stables settled on their dream property in 2022, moving their 20+ horses and building state of the art facilities. For trainer and business owner Stephanie, this step changed her program from a “big dream/reach goal” to an entity that needed to immediately generate revenue to cover the growing overhead, all while differentiating themselves to attract the right clients. Through conversations about positioning, values and aspirations, we gained clarity on what the brand needed to represent and what marketing tools would best serve her growing business.

Standing Out in a Crowd

Building recognition and respect were key in an industry saturated with stock logos and embroidered apparel. Branded clothing was going to be a primary application for this business both as fundraisers and team members representing the farm at competitions. The design we crafted is based on a photo of a Clover Luck horse in a style that is sophisticated and recognizable; it embodies connection and stands out against the competition, while clearly identifying this business as a respectable equine program. Designing a website for Clover Luck’s program was next, and to do that effectively we needed images that showcased the people and horses that make the business what it is. Photographing both events at the farm and portrait sessions (a.k.a. banrshoots) created a comprehensive library of images. Partnering together in this way enabled Clover Luck to generate revenue in the form of horse fees while providing value to their clients with meaningful portrait opportunities, beautifully capturing the relationship between horse and rider.

Do you have a business in the horse world and are looking for your ideal boarder, student or consumer?

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