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Drama Learning Center

Youth Theatre

Website Design  |  Print Design  |  Photography

We hadn’t put any metric parameters on what we wanted to achieve other than it looking nice, but we saw a huge increase in traffic due to the season announcement and a marked decrease in phone calls from people having trouble navigating the site. I can say that we had an 88.6% increase in announcement day sales over the previous best announcement day."

- Addie S.

Office Manager

A Marketing Overhaul

While Drama Learning Center had been focused on creating programs their students loved, their website had gotten left in the early two thousands. Since then content pieces had broken, their services had changed, and their images didn’t represent the caliber of their program. We chatted about their experience updating the existing site and how they wanted it to function. Through these conversations it was clear we needed to transform an outdated website before an upcoming program launch, reimagine the user experience, and create a library of quality images.

Updating Content in Stages

When DLC reached out to me we started with getting clear on the core issues, goals and parameters:

  • They needed to give a completely different impression to site visitors

  • Summer camp enrollment launch was a key milestone in their sales cycle and only 2 months away

  • They didn’t have systems in place for collecting testimonials, photographing operations, or generating content outside of a need basis which had lead to outdated assets

  • Recovering from the toll COVID-19 took on their in-person business, they needed to get the most bang for their buck

Working together in a retainer format allowed us to move quickly when design or photography was needed. This included program design, website maintenance, production images and headshots.

Do you have a business that would benefit from a strategic and cohesive presence in the market? Let’s chat about your business goals!

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