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What does that look like?

There are three elements that will take your business from a great idea to an entity your customers can understand and are excited about. From these I have crafted the packages below which are tailored for every client's unique needs.

Combining design, photography and experience to create comprehensive and authentic brands.


If you are looking for "just a logo" you're doing your business a disservice. To make an impression on your target audience you need a toolkit of graphics created specifically to convey your values, style, and benefits. A logo without a larger identity, and that isn't based on strategy, might as well be stock clipart.

Complete Visual Identity


You believe in the quality of the product or service that you provide; your imagery and copy should reflect that same level of quality. Having a library of images that connect with your clients alongside poignant language makes for scroll-stopping content.

Impactful Imagery


A strong website will create a powerful impression on your ideal consumer and be an essential tool for your business. Whether you sell products online, promote services or use it as a portfolio to credential you, almost EVERY business benefits from a strategic and well designed website.

Effective Website

What type of service are you looking for?

Packages + Services

Strategic Visual Identity Development

It's more than a logo. Take your business from an idea in your head to an entity that has your target market saying HECK YES, THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR! My collaborative process will ensure the brand we craft embodies your business to a T and provides you with the tools to create authentic connection with your audience.

Projects average $1.5-5k

Have something else in mind?

Reach out to see if it's in my wheelhouse, or if I know someone who might be a better fit! 

Photos of Products, Services + People

Struggling with outdated imagery? Have a feeling that your website, social media, or other platforms would benefit from captivating photos that convey what you do? In this fast-paced world a photo is worth way more than a 1,000 words and can make or break an impression. Check out the business and individual portrait sessions available!

Based in Maryland, able to travel for larger shoots.

Equine Business Launch

This brand development package is designed specifically for small businesses in the horse world. You could be a trainer, tack shop, lesson barn, saddle fitter, feed supplier, baker making horse cookies or something else entirely!

Projects average $2-4k

Website Design

Whether you are just starting out or have realized your website isn't performing as well as it could, we can tailor this process to exactly what you need. Avoid templated, under-functioning, expensive or difficult website platforms with a custom WIX website. Having an on brand website that is designed for your ideal client and business model while being easy for you to manage is a game changer.

 Projects average $2-10k

Veterinary Branding + Web Design

New program jut released! This identity refresh that combines photography and design services with strategy based on industry research. View latest case study here or inquire to see if your animal hospital would be a good fit.

Projects average $2-12k

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