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There are a variety of website development platforms, and a million templates out there... But building a highly effective website still takes skill and experience. An intentionally designed website is build specifically to take  your viewers on a journey based on your end goal. Because you are looking to make sales not be generic right?

What does an intentionally designed website mean?

Ensure great user experience

Purpose driven layout tailored to your content

Responsive design that performs on all screen sizes

SEO essentials to get found


With updated imagery, refined copy and a brand new website created with WIX, Pikesville Animal Hospital took their client experience to a whole new level. Having an online presence that accurately reflects the quality of service they provide is a huge step in appealing to their ideal customer and nurturing that relationship.

View more of this project here.


Wondering how it works?

  • To determine project cost and timeline we will start with a discovery session to get clear on what your business needs from a website. If you hav an existing website this assessment stage will include an analysis of it's strengths and weaknesses. This phase is the foundation of a strategic wireframe/site map and will lay out a clear path forward for content needs.

    During this phase your will also be set up with a project management platform to easily refer to all timelines, deliverables, and links as well as provide feedback via comments.

  • Depending on how comprehensive your visual identity is, we will flush out a creative direction which will include font styles, color application, button treatment and graphic treatments. 

    Additionally we will map out all content needs in an easy to navigate document and determine how much of the copy and image curation you would like to take on. 

  • Next I will combine the creative direction style sheet with your wireframe and developed content. These static page designs will be made for your highest level pages and any templates to be repeated. Refining these designs prior to moving into the website builder enables you to make revisions with minimal time needed to make alterations.

    Once approved I will build them in the website builder WIX as functional and responsive layouts. Here you will again be able to provide feedback by commenting directly on the page designs. 

  • When the website build is complete I will work with you to connect a domain and LAUNCH! After celebrating this huge accomplishment we will get you feeling confident navigating the front and back end of your website if that's something you want to take on. Alternatively I offer website maintenance services to keep your blog stocked with fresh content and pages up to date with your growing business.

Curious if your business would be a good fit?

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