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Whether it's designing a logo, photographing someone in their element, or getting crafty with a new project, I love getting to tell stories through a variety of mediums. Working with individuals and small businesses, I get to the heart of the story within each client and work together to bring that unique vision to life. 



Portraits of Individuals

Are you looking for a photographer to capture you in light that feels like magic?

In the warmth of natural light and  with candid prompts, I take out the awkwardness of being in front of the camera. In addition to receiving a beautiful gallery of images, I work to make the session itself a memory to cherish.

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Branding of Businesses

Want to connect with your ideal audience and inspire trust?

I enjoy highlighting the work of passionate entrepreneurs, change-makers and environmentally conscious organizations through logo and brand development, print design, social templates, web design and more.


A little bit about me.

Hey! My name is Erika, the creative behind everything you see here. I am excited to share my story with you and hopefully hear yours too.

  • Lover of nature, hiker gal and former van-lifer

  • Art project enthusiast

  • Horse girl

  • Maryland based, and occasionally on the road

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